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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Body Beauty Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel has one of the hottest bodies in the celebrity world, and she doesn't maintain it by wishful thinking alone. In fact, she takes great care of her body, both in terms of nutrition and in terms of physical activity. In this article, I'll describe some elements of Jessica Biel's diet and exercise routine.

Jessica Biel Diet

The main secret of Jessica Biel's diet is to eat small meals throughout the day instead of just a few big ones. She sticks to non-processed foods which contain far less chemicals, trans fat, and sodium, and makes sure to snack between meals. In fact, both her snacks and meals are mini-meals which help her keep her energy levels and metabolism high throughout the day.

Jessica makes sure to eat plenty of fruit and veggies each day which also help keep her skin as youthful as possible as they contain many antioxidants. Among the fruit she eats are bananas, apples, and strawberries.

Jessica Biel's diet is far from a deprivation diet (unless she has to prepare for a movie like Blade), but it's nutritiously balanced, has a bit of every nutrients and allows her to get the most out of her workouts.

Jessica Biel Exercises

Jessica Biel's exercise routines are full body workouts which involve elongated movements which work more than a single muscle group. Often, her strength workouts also provide a cardio stimulation and lead to accelerated fat burning. For instance, one of her favorite exercises is the lunge walk which works all parts of the legs and buttocks, but also provides a cardio stimulation. One other exercises she does: Plyometrics which involve jumping up stairs 2 at a time, starting with step #1 landing at 3, then 5, then 7 and so on, is one of the hardest exercises to do which works the legs, but also gets you panting and sweating profusely.

Her weight training is focused on many reps per session and the idea is to keep her lean, not bulk her up. Throughout her weight training she attempts to move as much as possible and so increase her fat burning process.


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