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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

25 Most Bizarre Dating Websites

This has to be some of the strangest websites for dating ever. I realize that everyone needs a way to meet their soul mate but these websites take it to the extreme. I guess it is true that there really is someone for everyone.

1. Stoner Dating

2. Amish Dating

3. Dating or people who shouldn't be dating

4. Ayn Rand Dating

5. Big and Beautiful Dating

6. Blind Dating

7. Adult Diaper Dating

8. Dating For Beautiful People

9. World Of Warcraft Dating

10. Dwarf Dating

11. Farmer Dating

12. Horse-People Dating

13. Vampire Dating

14. Ostomate Dating

15. Mormon Dating

16. Crazy Dating

17. Pierced Dating

18. Tattooed Dating

19. Furry Dating

20. Cat-People Dating

21. STD Dating

22. I Want Your Money Dating

23. Star Trek Dating

24. Prison Dating

25. Zombie Dating


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